1. SBM will target to organise music programs on a periodic basis involving local artists only. The entry to these programs will be open for all, with no entry fee, and could be held at a suitable venue. SBM will aim to create its own website and publicise its periodic programs.

  2. Training and developing local youngsters to foster sampradhaya bhajans

  3. SBM already has a Facebook page to publicise the music programs and workshops. Here is the Link,

  4. For the next 3-5 years, SBM will look at inviting overseas artists once a year to perform in Australia and offer workshops to audience of all generation. The overseas artists will be made aware of the non-profit nature of SBM and its objectives, to ensure that artist remuneration and other charges are nominal. Several local musicians and artists will be encouraged to perform alongside the visiting overseas artists so they gain experience and knowledge of music.

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